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Apr 05 2011

Interview Invite: North Star Academy!

It’s been a slow few weeks since my last update. I have been working through Institute work and studying for the Praxis on the 30th. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the Institute work is taking me FOREVER. I scoff at the approximate times they list at the head of each assignment. I don’t think that I read slowly. I also think it is deceptive to have the first reading in the Institute booklet (the three chapters from Diversity, Community and Achievement) look like no biggie- until you learn there’s another 80 pages within that reading to download online. I’m not even through with Exercise Two– it seems it’ll be a while until I can get into my classroom observations (following Exercise 3).

I am still waiting on my March 12th Praxis scores. I saw another blogger mentioned that scores would be available tonight but I was under the impression mine were coming back April 12th. I suppose it could be different for every test? While on the NJDOE website last night I happened upon a tab concerning Praxis score flexibility. It was around 3AM so I may not be clear. I will have to e-mail someone for clarification but it said that if you have a >3.5 GPA there is a -5% flexibility on Praxis score, so my previous 145 to pass would become a 138- which could be huge. I don’t know if this only applies to traditional ed. teachers though. More research, I suppose. Let’s hope. I have also come around a bit about the Praxis in general. I was spooked after taking it. I don’t feel more confident, but I know that if I fail, it is okay to have to take it again. It doesn’t mean that I can’t master the content I will be teaching to my students. It certainly doesn’t mean I couldn’t be an amazing teacher. It just means I need to work harder. I’m used to that, I can handle that.

And in exciting/terrifying news- I received an e-mail that I was invited to interview at North Star Academy in Newark of the Uncommon Schools! The e-mail said it was for a middle school position, with no further details. The interview would be from 7:30-2 and would include classroom/school observations, a sample lesson and a private interview. Again, no further details. What will the lesson be? How long? In front of real students? VERY intimidating! I am awed by this school and am so honored to even be given an interview! However, I sure wish it wasn’t my very first interview. I also wish it wasn’t in ONE WEEK. Yep, next Monday. I had three dates to chose from (11, 15, 29) but as silly as it may sound (since if I fail, I fail and they will find out) I want to interview before I find out my Praxis scores. I guess it’s a confidence thing. But, that also puts the pressure on me to do some amazing preparation work this week. I understand that a lot of times, you don’t get the job from your first interview, but, man, wouldn’t this be the placement of my dreams??

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  1. jlange

    I KNOW, right? The Institute work is taking me forever. I feel like I’m getting a lot of out of it, don’t get me wrong, but seriously? I’m working on Exercises 1 & 2 STILL. Am I just this slow?

    Good luck on the interview! I am sure you will rock it; I mean, TFA interviews were hard. It can’t be too much worse….right? ^_^ Either way, best of luck!

  2. I think we’ve talked about how UTTERLY UNREALISTIC the approximate times are. Unless they want me to read every other word. I wish they would put double the time so I stop feeling so dumb when that’s how long it takes me.

    (And you’re right, it’s shifty the way they sneak in WAY more reading than I think there is!)

    And ahhhhh North Star Academy! I’ve been ogling their site for months now. Good luck :) You’ll rock it :)

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