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Mar 08 2011

A little confidence stirs…

So with 3 days and 7 hours until I take the Middle School Science Praxis II, I am starting to feel a little bit confident. This new wave of faith in myself is the result of a fairly successful practice test. I had been saving the practice test in the ETS study guide until today, hoping that I would have learned a lot and it could be a truer test of how I might do and what I need to focus on in the last few days. Well, of 65 questions, I only got 10 wrong. This works out to an 85% which isn’t too shabby? I also scored myself on the three constructed response questions. One was admittedly a 2, but the other two were very possible 3s. I am generally surprised by my score because, truth be told, I have been focusing all of my energy on physics, astronomy and chemistry and haven’t had a chance to review biology, meteorology, or geology at all! The questions that I did get wrong were (still) physics, chemistry and meteorology-related.

I am a tad worried that this is all a false confidence, however. ETS made the study guide, made the outline of objectives, and made the practice test. I can’t figure out why the outline was SO RIGOROUS AND TECHNICAL and the practice questions were almost common sense? They wouldn’t make the practice test significantly easier than the regular test would they? I am afraid of going into the exam with a false sense of security. Of course, I will continue to study until the moment before the test, but before the practice test experience I really thought my challenge was looking insurmountable.

Let’s hope ETS isn’t too mean.

I have been in a fun-blackout. My boyfriend changed my passwords on my facebook, the forum I frequent and my StumbleUpon! This is the only distracting outlet that remains, haha. I am forced to study but, man, the withdrawal is rough.

I am so anxious to get this test finished so that I can crack open my pre-Institute work and start observing some classrooms (oh, and start studying for the Elem. Ed. Content Knowledge that I have on April 30th :P)!

I’ll be double crossing my fingers for all of the other incoming CMs testing this Saturday! Good luck! I will be back Saturday with a (hopefully) positive update!

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  1. You have got this! I’ll be thinking of you while I’m taking Ele.Ed. Content!

    • erinkay

      Thanks, Heike! Good luck!!

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